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Don't Get Robbed !

There are thousands of "Tech Support Companies" out there taking your money for a one time support charge or by subscriptions costing hundreds of dollars. Most of these companies are either outright frauds or employ individuals that know very little or nothing about computers. Don't become a support victim. Talk to us FIRST.

What We Do:

Spyware Removal

Virus Removal

System Updates

Security Check

How It Works

  1. First step call 905.688.VICE (8423) : We can help with Software & Hardware Conflicts, Internet Privacy & Security, Computer Optimization, Software & Hardware, Networking, Websites, e-Mail, Audio / Video, Windows & Mac Systems, Mobile Phones, ANYTHING!
  2. Download our remote support tool : Using a small application that you will download, we establish a secure, encrypted connection between your PC and our support agent. We then immediately begin solving your issue. Your support agent can see and control your PC as though sitting right in front of it. If necessary, files or applications needed for diagnostics or repairs to your system can also be transferred to your PC via the remote support tool very quickly.
  3. You can relax. We've got it from here : Once all issues have been resolved and you are satisfied, the support session is complete. Finally, the remote tool will be terminated and further access to your PC by the support agent becomes impossible. You may keep our remote tool handy in case you may need support again in the future or you can simply delete it. As there was never an actual installation of the remote tool performed, deleting it removes it from your device completely!
  4. NOTE: Windows may display a security warning that prevents the running of the Remote Tool on your PC. This is normal because the Windows Firewall and Anti-Virus software see this as a security threat as any remote tool can allow total control of a remotely connected PC. Click HERE for instructions on how to respond to this warning to safely grant access to the Remote Tool.


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Virus Removal

Spyware Removal

Other Minor Issues

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Quick Support +

Secure Browser(s)

System Security Check

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Standard Support +

Optimize Performance

Secure Entire System

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